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The Society shall constitute a number of members who believe in the Society's objectives and who meet membership conditions:
Classes of Membership:
a) Full Membership: where member shall be registered in the Society's general registers and all specified fees are paid, he shall be entitled to enjoy full rights of membership including the right to vote and to stand for election and to occupy executive posts.
b) Associate Membership: it includes the Sudanese living abroad and the expatriates where a member enjoys full membership rights with the exception of the right to vote, to stand for election or to occupy executive posts.
c) Joint Membership: Includes all institutions, organizations and national authorities wish to collaborate or take part in the Society's activities, including their branches outside the country. Such a member shall enjoy the right to attend the meetings of the General Congress as a supervisor after payment of the specified fees.
d) Honorary Membership: It is offered for persons deemed worthy of that in the opinion of the Society due to their contribution in one of the environmental fields. The society nominate such an honorary member according to the provisions of the regulations where the member enjoys the full rights of membership except the right to vote, to stand for election or to occupy an executive post.
Conditions of Membership:
The Society's membership is open for all those concerned with environment pursuant to the following:
a) He shall not be below 18 years old.
b) He shall be of his full legal capacity
c) He shall be of a good conduct
d) He shall be bound to the Statute, regulations and objectives of the Society.
e) He shall be recommended by two members of the Society.
Procedures of Membership:
a) A membership request shall be submitted to the Branch's Executive Committee which has the right to accept or reject based on the Statute.
b) In case of a membership request rejected by the Branch's Executive Committee, the natural or legal person shall appeal to the Branch's General Assembly.
c) If the request is rejected by the Branch's General Assembly, the applicant shall appeal to the state Congress, and if rejected, the General Board's decision shall be final.
Annulment and Freezing of Membership:
a) The decision of membership annulment shall be taken after carrying out the necessary investigation by a neutral committee for the following reasons:
1- If any of the membership conditions stated in Article (10) were not met
2- If subscription fees payment stopped without an acceptable reason.
3- If the concerned member served to hamper the Society's activity and opposed realizing its objectives.
b) Freezing of membership shall be made upon a decision by the Branch's Executive Committee after carrying out the necessary investigation by a neutral committee and in compliance with Article (11).
c) Resignation.
Retrieval of Membership:
a) A member whose membership was annulled may retrieve membership by requesting such following the disappearance of the past causes, and the Executive Committee shall have the right to reject or accept


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