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SECS, as an NGO depends for the implementation of its activities on the youth membership and volunteers.  Bearing this in mind, SECS started working towards a common understanding for the concept of volunteering. Volunteer work represents one of the pillars for the implementation of SECS activities. All interventions will be designed in such a way that ensures the active contribution of volunteers so that SECS achieves the objective of giving its endeavors a popular dimension. Volunteering will be encouraged, regulated and motivated.
SECS seeks to mobilize wide community participation in the management of natural resources and implementation of environmental rehabilitation interventions.  More room will be given to engage children younger than 14 years in these endeavors as they represent 45% of Sudan's population.
SECS now employs16 officers and workers in addition to the contribution of volunteers countrywide. In order to activate implementation of its projects, SECS is trying  to mobilize a wider members and volunteers involvement, making use of external experts and cooperating  with partners and development actors who  share SECS objectives. To do this a well designed motivation system will be in place and an adequate logistical support will be considered.
The society is contemplating utilizing the available opportunities represented by the great number of youth members to participate effectively in promoting the environmental movement.  The accelerating environmental public awareness and the readiness of the local communities to utilize its cultural and indigenous environmental knowledge will strengthen and enhance the society's efforts towards the conservation of environmental and achievement of sustainable development through popular participation.


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