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This is the top advisory body of the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS) on environmental issues.  Monthly meetings of the Environmental Forum will be hosted at the Centre. Hot and important issues will themes for the monthly meetings.
A monthly evening gathering will be arranged to discuss environmental information, technological and educational matters that affect communities. These evenings will also include  a socio-cultural entertainment programme. 

The outdoor theatre and garden of the Centre are attractive for family gatherings in the evening.  Musical bands, folklore groups and singers will be invited to perform. 
As part of UNEP activities in promoting environmental awareness and good information management practices, UNEP through PCoB and partnership with Sudanese Environment Conservation Society propose to develop an Environmental Information Center EIC. The project will tack place in two phase will concentrate on assemblage of information material and on increasing the availability of that material both inside and outside Sudan. Once a substantial online archive of information material has been established, the second phase will tack place focusing on the provision of equipment for a modern information center including furniture and IT.
The information Centre would contain environmental information with a regional focus. It would provide access to the optimum amount of material to fulfill the EIC function 9 whether in physically present or available online. Material could include all available information formats e.g. books, maps, online references, meeting facilities, exhibits and posters.
The Centre is equipped to host training courses in many fields.  The space, equipment and facilities are adequate for training needs.

Training courses
The library of the Centre own a large number of documentary films, environmental movies and other films.  Monthly showing of films will be announced on our website.
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Environmental issues
The Centre is a unique facility which contains a vast collection of environmental material and documents.  The administration is welcoming any partnership with other institutions and organization to arrange and undertake any activity that lead to better environmental education, awareness raising and advocacy to address environmental issues
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