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About Us
SECS Profile

SECS is a national NGO concerned with environmental conservation and achievement of sustainable development through popular participation.
It was established in 1975.

SECS  Vision
Sudan is a prosperous country with extensive natural resources. 
With wise environmental management, all the people can enjoy a safe and healthy environment, attain sustainable development and
a lasting peace.

SECS Mission
SECS works towards:
Environmental rehabilitation,
Sound management of resources
Rational utilization of natural resources
Elimination of harmful environmental
violations and malpractices.

SECS is the focal point of HOAREN developed with funding from the Netherlands & other sources.
This is a network of 7 countries:
Ethiopia (Main Office)
Somalia (Somaliland)
South Sudan
HOAREN/C provided the main funding for the construction of the EIC
Part funding was provided by SECS & other local resources
Supervision & management during the construction process was by SECS members & friends.
UNEP provided furniture & equipment

Sudanese Environment Conservation Society
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