Previous Projects

1AwairnessSpreading Human and Environmental RightsEUNorth Darfur (Alfashir) - Kasala - Khartoum - Bahr ElGazal (Wau) - River Nile(Atbara) - South Kordofa (Kadogli - Blue Nile (Damazin )To spread human and environmental rights culture among sudanese communities .2007 - 2010252,605.93 SDG
2Water and Sanitation Promotion ProjectConcernElGantour Village (Babnousa Locality) and MoMo, Senytaia A and Um Chachia Villages (South Kordofan)Provision of potable drinking water for the estimated 27,000 in two localities (Babnousa and Elsalam,South Kordofan) state.201184,738.66 SDG
3Community Environmental governance initiativeOxfam NovibAradaibat Eltigani Village, Western Galabat Locality, Gadarif StateTo strengthen community cohesion,ecological resilience and traditional forms of governance.2011 - 201275,849.50 SDG
4The Extension of the Livelihood and Natural Resource Management Platform ActivityUNDPEast Sudan/KasalaThe Livelihood and Natural Resource Management Knowlegde Platform was conceived of as away to fill a gap in how livelihoods and natural resources management are currently being addressed in Sudan.201022,876.00 SDG
5The National Foresty Program Capacity Building of the Local CommunitiesFAORiver Rahad Area, Gadarif StateTo build the capacities of three local communities in River Rahad area (Gadarif State) through training and raising awareness in the areas of community management of the natural resources with special emphases on foresty, nursery techniques, agroforesty and forest managment.2005 - 201021,001.77 SDG
6Water for peaceConcernAl Salam and Babnousa localities/ South kordofan State. To contribute to local peace building processes in South Kordofan State through enhanced access to safe and adequate water for human and animal consumption(Aug - Dec) 2010346.980 US$
7Eco peace and natural resources management in north kordofanEUSheikan, Bara and Um Ruwaba Localities / North Kordofan StateTo promote eco peace (pro active) culture and advocate for environmental rights to have access to land and to attain rational use of natural recourses and ensure sustainable livelihoods. Eco peace advocates to achieving the MDGs targeting poverty eradication and ensuring environmental sustainable development.2009 - 201023,012.54 SDG
8Eco Peace Poject - GEDARIF STATEOxfam NovibEast Sudan/ Gedarif StateTo promote eco peace (pro active) culture and advocate for environmental rights to have access to land and to attain rational use of natural recourses and ensure sustainable livelihoods. Eco peace advocates to achieving the MDGs targeting poverty eradication and ensuring environmental sustainable development.2009 - 2011226,150.53 SDG
9Promotion the Water sanitation and hygiene for rural community in west Kordofan stateConcernBabanusa and Al Salam Localities/ West Kordofan stateTo improve the health and socioeconomic well-being of poor communities in rural villages by reducing the incidence of water and sanitation related diseases through sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene practices.(Jan - Dec) 201440,933.30 SDG
10Natural Resource Management and Environmental RecoveryConcernAl Salam and Babnousa localities/ South kordofan StateTo sustain rational natural resource management for sustainable peace building in the state by rehabilitation of water points , WASH interventions , pastures and improvement of the area to act as potential alternative for pastoralists/nomads and residents.2012 - 201314,500.00 SDG
11Eco Neighbouehoods ProjectEUKhartoum StateTo improve environmental management and reduce poverty in the state of Khartoum to contribute towords acheving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)2010 - 201315,000 US$
12Lobbying and Advocacy Programme (LAP)Oxfam Novib. To create a mechanism that links the public with the policy making process, for better environmental quality2003 - 200777,795.07 SDG
13Darfur Documentary FilmsFord FoundationSouthern Darfur (Nyala), West Darfur State (AlGeneina and North Darfur State El FashirTo produce vidio films that contribute to peace in Darfur through participation of the people,and building on their inter-group relations, cultural values and their indigenous methods and practices of conflict resolution and also to empower some Darfurian with vidio-making skills and involve them in the making of the project2006 - 2007387,768.83 SDG
14Branch Capacity Building (BCB)Oxfam NovibRed Sea state, Kasala State, River Nile State, North Kordofan State, White Nile State, Sinnar State, Gezira State, Khartoum State, North Darfur State and South Darfur StateTo conserve and rehabilitate of the natural resources of the Sudan in the contrnt of sustainable development2012 - 2013797,222.11 SDG
15Mayo Environmental Rehabilitation Project (Phase II)Humanitarian Plus ProgrammeElYarmouk- MayoVillage - Khartoum StateTo develop the health environment and hygiene awareness of Mayo Community through improving the sanitary condition of the area and raising the knowlegde and awareness of the cocmmunity towards the environment.2003 - 2006 53,344.00 US$
16International Climate ChampionsBritish CouncilKhartoum State, Port Sudan state, White Nile State and equatorial State.To involve the youth (16-19) in the climate change issues and to work towords mitigate the effect and spread the message and involvement others2010 - 2011
17The Nile Shampion Initiative Programme British CouncilTo increase awareness among communities of the importance of maintain the Nile as a clean resource and the effects of river pollution.2010 - 2011
18studyMainstreaming Conservation of Migratory Soaring Birds into Key Productive Sectors along the Rift Valley/Red Rea FlywayBirdLife InternationalKartoum State, Gizera State and Didir National ParkTo ensure that globaly threatened and significant populations of soaring birds that migrate along the RiftVally/Red Sea flyway are effectvely maintained 2005 - 2006109,008.75 SDG
19Environmet Concervation and Poverty Alleviation (EPCA)Ford FoundationKutum, Kosti, ElSuki, El Halfaya, Kasala, River Nile State and Khortoum State.To invistigate the causes, effects and the interlinkages between poverty and environmental degradiation. To alleviate poverty in marginalized and poor-rural areas1997 - 200149,694.07 SDG
20Sabnas Environmental Rehablitation Initiative Oxfam CanadaRiver nile state/ Al-Shireik locality/ Sabnas IslandTo improve the quality of life for the people at Sabnas Island and neighbouring commmunities.2003
21DAM Emergency humanitarian programme Oxfam NovibNorth Darfur stateIn the provision and immediate response to the argent gaps in the humanitarian needs within the state of North Darfur2005
22Capacity strengthen of civil society in the LDCs for adaptation to climate changeAfrican center for technology studiesNorth Kordofan state/ Umrowaba and Khartoum stateTo strengthen civil society in order to support the official NAPA process and support implementation of adaptation projects in the LDCs over the coming years .2008100,000 US$
23Mobilization of Stakeholders Decentralization World BankKhartoum stateTo contribute to civil society understanding of the decentralization, its implication, and the role of NGOs and civil society, also the role of the respective local authorities. 200526,500 SDG
24Environmental Rehabilitation in Small Farms of Khartoum State British EmbassyKhartoum state/ El -Gamoia areaTo combat desertification in El-Gamoia area and to enhance the role of women in the development of the local community.2000 - 200173,000 SDG
25SECS websiteUNEPKhartoum state To document literature and scientific papers concerning the environment for the enhancement of the environmental services aiming at contributing to the sustainable development concept.2011 - 2013500000Euro
26Micro Grants Programme - SudanNile basin initiativeNorthern, Nile River, Gedarif, Kassala, White nile and Khartoum stateThe main objective of the project is to provide a strategic environmental framework for the management of the transboundry resources and environment challenges in the Nile River Basin.2005 - 2010EUR 2,444,182.00
27Environmental Information CenterHorn of AfricaKhartoum StateTo make the environmental publications accessible to the general public through the SECS homepageand to promote accessibility of information as well as dialogue and decision-making on a wide range of environmental issues within the Sudan.2007 - 200953,344.00 US$
28Hai El-Baraka Environmental Rehabilitation ProjectChristian Aid Hai El-Baraka, Haj Yousif, Khartoum StateTo improve the general environmental health and to rehabilitate the environment of the area, also to let the community participate in environmental project in the wide scape and to give them a chance for decision making1996 - 2001
29Solar Cooker Disimination ProgramNorth, East,and West SudanTo ereduce the cosumption of fuelwood in order to protect the green cover and consequently the environment
30Awareness Raising of HIV-AIDS ProgramOxfam NovibKartoum StateTo raise awarenessof SECS volunteer, staff and branches on HIV-AIDS AND stigma work place policy2006109,008.75 SDG
31Resource Base Conflict Project (RBC)RBC, Managment Network in the Horn and East AfricaRBC contribute to reduction of conflicts in the region by linking with existing stratigic iniatives as well as piggy-backing on ongoing conflict prevention2006 - 201149,694.07 SDG
32The Dindir National Park Advocacy CampaignOxfam Novib - Higher Council for Environment and Natural ResourcesDindir National Park, Sinnar State2003
Household agriculture and food security projectSudasatKumur village -Khartoum Bahry
33awairness campaignWHV – Work toward enhancement and promotion of the management of the Dungunab National Parkwater shed initiative Dindir National ParkTo create sustainable conservation through raising awareness of the local communities about the significance of the DNPApril- Sep 2015
34Promoting a participatory and democratic approach for development and sustainable peace in SudanEropean Union (EU)North Kordofan State (Alrahad locality), West Kordofan State (Alsalam locality), and South Kordofan State (Aldalang locality)To contribute to the promotion of human rights in Sudan through promoting the understanding of the local communities for their rights to a participatory sustainable development and environmental rights.May 14, 2018100,000 US$
January 1, 1970
35awairness campaignWHV – Work toward enhancement and promotion of the management of the Dungonab Bay – Mukkawar Island Marine National ParkZain Telecommunication Company, Sudan, and COUSTEAU SocietyDungonab village Red sea state The campaign aims to promote good management of marine resources by local communities to be able to protect their environment and achieve sustainable development.Jan 2016 - July 201726,500 SDG
36awairness campaignWork toward enhancement and promotion of the management of the DungonabBay – Mukkawar Island Marine National Park. Phase II.COUSTEAU SocietyDungonab and Mohamed Qol villages Red sea stateThe campaign aims to promote the knowledge about the unique biological diversity of Sudan’s Red Sea and highlight the importance of managing the marine national park among both the local communities and the local authorities to protect their environment and achieve sustainable developmentDec 2016 - Jan 201773,000 SDG
37susbendedIncreasing the Adaptive Capacity of Khor El TeenaLandscape to the Impacts of Climate Change(HoA-REC&N) North KordofanThe overall objective of the project is to improve the eco system based adaptation of Khor El-Teena Landscape.December 17, 2018500000Euro
January 1, 1970
38on going projectStrengthening Local Communities resilience to climate change in North Darfur EUNorth Darfur (Um Barou, Malha, Mellit/Sayyah, Um Keddada localities)To contribute to the strengthening of local communities’ resilience and sustainable livelihoods to better respond and to cope with climate change in the North Darfur State of SudanEUR 2,444,182.00
39on going projectHygiene Promotion and Environmental Recovery for Development and Poverty ReductionEUSudan, Khartoum State, Bhary, Khartoum Bahry locality, Northern countryside Administrative unit, Garry To improve environmental health and reduce poverty in the Northern rural Administrative Unit and contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).24 months. January2018-December2019550000 Euro
40about to startGENDER MAINSTREAMING STRATEGY & COMPERHENSIVE REDD+ WORKSHOP SERIES FOR SUDANREDD+ and FNCdifferent Sudan statesTo develop a Gender and REDD+ Strategy / Road Map to help mainstream gender considerations into the forestry sector, paying special attention to REDD+ processes. 12 Months. October2018-September2019375085 US