TOT on Environmental Citizenship

From June 19-23 the Training of Trainers workshop on the Environmental Citizenship took place at the guest house of the University of Khartoum in Shambat. It was attended by 33 participants from different states such as: Gadarif, South Kordofan, Kasala, Blue Nile, and many more states. The aim of the workshop was to promote and spread the concept of Environmental Citizenship.
The second day of the workshop was entitled “The Journey to Learning Environmental Citizenship” and it started with elucidating subjects related to citizenship like identity and culture. The trainees discussed the concepts and recited some of their personal experiences. Later they were divided into workgroups and listed the values and qualities of their homelands.
The third day started with communication skills (sender, message, receiver, and feedback), and skills of training and facilitation and the difference between them. Later the trainees were taught oral presentations.
On the fourth day they were taught the sources of knowledge like education and learning and the difference between them. Then they discussed the methods, styles and tools of training and were also taught how to design work plans and initiatives. Later they were divided into groups and worked on operating a plan for an initiative, and discussed feedbacks and how to collect them.
The fifth and final day was devoted to designing and delivering final presentations, where the participants designed simple models for local initiatives and shared them with the attendants. The workshop concluded with handing the participants certificates of completion.

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