Media Forum- Violations on the forest resources

On 14th of June 2022 the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society held a media forum entitled “Violations on the forest resources” in the presence of journalists, environmental activists, researchers, and representatives of governmental bodies and organizations. This forum was held to discuss the forestry Act of the Blue Nile state.
The forum was chaired by Professor Hasan Othman, and the first speaker was professor Tala’at Dafa’alla from the University of Bahry and he elaborated on the current situation of forests in Sudan, and he noted on the importance of forests as a natural resource and the threats that face it. He also mentioned the negative impact on the forests which was caused by the past local government. Then Dr.Tarig Almobarak- a counselor at the ministry of Justice- who represented himself gave a presentation on the legal connections between the capital and the other states regarding forest management and power sharing with reference to the Juba Peace Agreement.
The forum concluded with many suggestions and recommendations:
-Appeal against the forestry Act of the Blue Nile State.
-Protesting against that law at the Department of Federal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice.
-Raising awareness on the roles the forests play on social, economic, and environmental levels.

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