The Natural Resource Management Workshop

As part of the Strengthening the Protected Areas Systems in Sudan project, two training workshops in Natural Resource management were carried out in Elrahad locality by the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society. They were attended by 20 participants representing three villages (Sidra, Kimla, and El-Aien) and the local government.

The first workshop was on resource mapping and it took place from the 5th to the 7th of July 202 and covered several topics, such as: land use patterns, natural resource management, land tenure, participatory mapping, conflict over resources, and future of land ownership.
The participants learned how to locate the natural resources and measure their types and uses. Also they were able to produce a map for existing resources. And on the last day, the participants were requested to imagine how they wanted their Resource Map to look like in ten years.

The second one was a four day workshop on Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) with the objectives of  equipping the participants with necessary skills needed for proper management of natural resources, raising awareness on environmental issues, and contributing in efforts of conserving the local environment.
The training covered many topics, including: environmental issues, CBNRM principles and practices, NRM governance, and conflict over resources.
Through lectures and workgroups the participants learned more about the environmental issues in their communities, land degradation, natural resource management, and the role of community based organizations in development. 

The outcome of the training:
The two training workshops came out with many results:

  • The idea of mapping the villages’ resources was accepted
  • The spirit of collaboration with the project’s interventions was present.
  • The participants became aware of the importance of NRM as a main source of income in rural areas.
  • All participants acknowledged the new approach CBNRM as an alternative to the classic governmental approach for managing natural resources.
  • NRM committees were established in Sidra and Kamla villages.
  • Agreement on forest cultivation and conservation.

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