Health convoy to Elmanagil

On Monday 5th of September 2022 a group from the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society and Sudan Zero Waste Organization participated in a health convoy to Elmanagil in a 3 days journey. They visited Kideebat and Nowara villages to assess the environmental status there and distribute health tools such as: trash bags, insecticides, mosquito nets, and personal sanitation products like soap and sanitizers. They also spoke to the people about the dangers of waste and its safe disposal, how to fight mosquitoes, and treating drinking water from excess salinity.
This participation came within the framework of SECS’s campaign “Clean and Green Sudan” which was launches on the world environment day of 2021 under the theme Ecosystem Restoration to address the phenomenon of visual and environmental pollution as manifested by the accumulation and spread of waste of all kinds; solid, liquid, and gaseous in the streets of cities and villages of Sudan, and the decline of green spaces in a threatening level to the natural ecosystems and affects the climate.

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