The Green Schoolyard Project-Buram 2022

On Wednesday 5th of October 2022 the ceremonies of the Green Schoolyard Project kicked off at the Western primary school for boys in the presence of the members of the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society.
The program started with a speech from Mr. Mohamed Ali Dawi, he spoke about the initiatives and how they benefited the community. Then Mr. Alaa-Eldeen Saeed; head of the Buram branch spoke about SECS and it’s role towards the society, and the Green Schoolyard Project.
The day was filled with awareness lectures, several topics were discussed like: the concept of the Environment, Environmental Citizenship, global warming, clean energy, pollution, household farming, and self-sufficiency in vegetables and fruits.
The participants shared their opinions and suggestions, and the lectures were quiet good and were accepted by everyone.
The maintenance work also started today on the restrooms, stage, and the flagpole.
On Thursday Mrs. Widad Abdulkareem gave a presentation on plants and how to plant them at home, and precautions to take to avoid any damage. She also mentioned that all houses should be filled with plants for the benefits they carry.
The work on maintaining the restrooms continued, and on the upcoming days the prayer room, playground, and stage will be done!

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