Understanding the system; climate change and institutional dynamics

In the framework of the “Action for Regional Climate Help” project (ARCH) which is implemented by the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society in partnership with CRISP organization; from December 4 to 8 the training course titled “Understanding the system; climate change, climate policy, climate governance and institutional dynamics” took place with the attendance of 30 representatives of youth organizations specialized in climate change in the capital and the other states.
The program contained many activities including three lectures presented by Dr.Ismael Eljizooli on the concept of climate change, climate change policies, and the ecological and social crisis beyond carbon. The activities also included discussions on the impacts of climate change on people’s everyday lives and effective solutions, the challenges and opportunities the decision makers face when dealing with the issue of climate change, and a presentation on the bottom-up climate action projects in Sudan , and examples of climate action projects for youth organizations to implement.
We thank Ms.Nadine from CRISP organization and Dr.Ismael Eljizooli for participating in the training program, we also thank the trainees for their commitment and hard work and the constructive ideas they presented.

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