The Green Schoolyard Project-Eljineena 2022

On November 14 the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society-Eljineena branch started implementing the Green Schoolyard Project at Martyr Abubakr primary and middle schools in Eljineena city, in collaboration with the schools’ education council, the Forestry Commission, Rural Water Authority, and Ministry of Education of West Darfour State.
The branch members carried out many activities:
• Organizing daily cleaning campaigns.
• Repairing the water pumps to supply water for the students and plants.
• Painting the outside walls.
• Rehabilitating the restrooms.
• Setting up 7 new doors.
• Renovating the stage and setting up the flagpole.
• Planting 150 fruit and shade trees.
• Building the school farm and planting vegetable plants.
• Forming the school farm unit and train the members on the principles of agriculture and plant care.
The work is still ongoing. 

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