The General Assembly 2023

On Tuesday the 20th of December 2022, the 19th session of the General Assembly (GA)of the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS) was held to discuss the performance of the Society and the audited budget for 2021 to 2022, and to elect the new Executive Committee members The GM proceedings were presided by the CSOs Registrar of the Humanitarian Aid Commission  The GA members consisted of the Executive Committee members, and 35 delegates that represented the following branches: El-di’een, El-Obeid, Buram, Milleet, Sinnar, El-dalanje, El-damazeen, El-dindir, El-Rahad, El-Suki, El-Fula, El-Gadarif, Gireigikh, Kassala, Arkaweet, Nyala, El-Jineena, El-Dibab, Nitaiga, Medani, Sinja, Elfashir, El-Dueem, Babanoosa, Aburouf, Elhajyousif, Omdurman south, Elfateh and El-Halfaya,…
Prior to the meeting, a general discussion was held to monitor the progress of the Green Schoolyard Initiative. Then Mr. Ali Mohamed Ali; the President of SECS started the meeting with the performance discourse, where he shed the light on the world environmental situation, the country’s current environmental situation, and the SECS branch activities in the capital and the other states. Mr. Ali also pointed to the internal and external challenges that are facing the Society. Then Mr.Adil Mohamed Ali delivered the budget report of the 18th session on behalf of the Financial Secretary.

The meeting concluded with many decisions:

  • The GA approved both the progress report and the budget.
  • The new Executive Committee members were elected.
  • The three principal officers and their deputies were named by the GA.

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