The Green Schoolyard Project-Om-Alqora primary school 2022

The Sudanese Environment Conservation Society carried out the Green Schoolyard Project at Om-Alqora primary school for girls in collaboration with the school’s education council.
The following activities have been made:
– Extending and mending the school’s outer wall.
– Building a water cooler.
– Bringing a water tank and connecting it with the water network.
– Building the stage.
– Installing solar energy units.
– Setting up a volleyball court.
– Establishing the Environmental Video Club and the Green Classroom and presenting lectures on the environment and its importance, the sustainable development goals, waste and how it affects the environment, home farming, and plant care.
– Composing the Environment Friends Society of students, teachers, school council, and school’s friends.
– Setting up the school farm and planting many vegetables.
– Planting fruit and shade trees and providing them with drip irrigation system.
– A thorough clean-up campaign and disposing waste.

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