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    بهذا تعلن الجمعية السودانية لحماية البيئة : v فتح باب العضوية الجديدة لعضوية المركز ( فر...


  • “The third sector: Movement from political dynamic to social dynamic - environmental forum


  • Doha conference on climate change

  • اعلان

Sudanese Environment Conservation Society



بهذا تعلن الجمعية السودانية لحماية البيئة :

v فتح باب العضوية الجديدة لعضوية المركز ( فرع مركز المعلومات البيئية)  بدءاً من يوم الاحد 25 يناير 2015 إلي يوم الاحد 15 فبراير 2015 .

عليه يرجى من الجميع الاسراع بتسجيل عضويتهم ليتمكنوا من المشاركة فى تكوين فرع مركز المعلومات البيئية .

وتقبلوا منا فائق الشكر والتقدير


مكتب الفروع والعضوية




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After continued operation The Sudanese Environment Conservation Society SECS was officially registered in 1975 at the Humanitarian Aid Commission, Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs as a pioneer national environmental NGO.
Achieving sustainable development through participation of all stakeholders in environmental conservation.
Specific Objectives:
"To propagate environmental awareness.
"To conserve the environment in collaboration with the Government institutions and the relevant national and international NGOs.
"To implement pilot environmental rehabilitation projects at community level.
To advocate for enforcement of environmental laws and challenge infringes on the environment.
Target Groups:
The society targets all the Sudanese community, with special emphasis on the local communities and the multipliers (teachers, media personnel and talent   people) SECS also targets women, primary school students, decision makers, lawyers, farmers, pastoralists and local leaders.


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