Environmental Education Program

  1. Media and Communication:
    • Benefiting from the national media (radio/television/newspapers), especially the state media, in spreading environmental awareness.
  • Using community media to spread environmental awareness.
  • Orientation to decision makers and learners through specialized periodical publications and environmental book series.

§  Monitoring local and global environmental changes through the periodic publication (State of the Environment).§  Producing environmental films and songs, and use drama, theater and exhibitions in delivering various environmental messages. 

  1. Environmental training and education:
  • Implementation of training programs and packages to deepen environmental awareness.
  • Intensifying workshops and involving the concerned educational and raising bodies to introduce environmental concepts into school curriculum.
  • Attracting qualified membership to participate in the implementation of various training programs.
  • Preparing a paper on environmental education as a basis for information for trainers.
  • Preparing a training manual in environmental education.


  1. Addressing and laws:
  • Work to attract support for the enforcement of environmental law.
  • Intensifying seminars and workshops for enlightenment and explaining the comprehensive environmental law.
  • Follow up the urgent environmental issues and submit them to the competent courts.
  • Meet the legal needs of the association that helps it perform its work.
  1. Environmental Forum:
  • Holding specialized forums for media professionals, executives and decision makers to ensure more effective roles in implementing the society’s programs.
  • Prioritizing environmental issues.
  • Supporting the society’s institutional efforts and its internal and external relations with other associations and bodies related to the environmental work and the targeted sectors.
    • Holding state forums to determine the priorities of the environmental issues and then prepare a report on the state of the environment in Sudan.

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