Visit to Kosti Branch

On Friday 11th October, Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS) HQ visited SECS kosti branch, members of executive committee for kosti branch and members of branch participated in this meeting. Mr. Adil Mohamed Ali (Chairperson, Institutional Development Programme )  refereed to the historical legacy of the branch in the voluntary work, and the strategic location of the branch.

The participants agreed on the following steps:    

  • Establish channels of communication between the members of the branch via social media.
  • Planning of environmental sanitation campaigns in Kosti in cooperation with the Resistance Committees.
  • Complete the preparation of a paper on environmental issues in the White Nile state and held the Environmental Forum during October.
  • Implementation of activities in cooperation with the SECS HQ to activate membership, training in strategic planning, training in the preparation and implementation of projects and financial management, lectures on climate change.


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