Work Toward Enhancement and Promotion of the Management of the Dungonab Bay and Mukkawar Island Marine National Park(Phase II)

  • Duration:

 From 11th – 15th December, 2017.

  • Name of partners in the Action:
  • Wildlife Conservation General Administration (WCGA).
  • Marine Fisheries Administration.
  • Sudanese Development Initiative (SUDIA).
  • Sudanese National Commission for UNESCO.
  • Targeted Area:

Red Sea State

  • The area in which the activity took place:

Dungonab and Mohamed QoL villages, North of Port Sudan, red sea state.

  • Campaign summary:

The Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS) has implemented awareness campaign” work toward enhancement and promotion of the management of the Dungonab Bay and Mukkawar Island Marine National Park- Phase II”, which aimed to promote the knowledge about the unique biological diversity of Sudan’s Red Sea and highlight the importance of managing the marine national park among both the local communities and the local authorities to protect their environment and achieve sustainable development.


The campaign was executed by a team of SECS volunteers. The team consisted of 8 volunteers “6 from Khartoum + 2 from Port Sudan”. The campaign’s activities included lectures, drawing competitions, school renovation, theater shows, Seminars for the fishermen and WCGA personnel and initiating the establishment of environmental groups. Those activities began with the volunteers’ orientation meeting which was on the 6thof Dec. Then, the team traveled from Khartoum to Port Sudan on the 9th of Dec and then moved to Dungonab on the 11thof Dec. The duration of the activities was 2 days in Dungonab, then, the team moved to Mohamed Qol by evening on the 12thof Dec. The duration of the activities was 3 days in Mohamed Qol. The team moved from Mohamed Qol by evening to Port Sudan on the 15th of Dec, and then, back to Khartoum on the 16th of Dec. The total number of beneficiaries of the campaign is 360.


  • Libraries:
  • Reports (pdf document will be attached)
  • Studies (pdf document will be attached)
  • References (pdf document will be attached)


  • CEID (Centre for Environmental Information and Documentation):


The Environment Memory:

A thorough environmental documentary project, that aims to document environmental topics and events, by recording video presentations with environmental figures who left their environmental imprints and impacts on the map of the Sudanesee Environment Conservation Society.

The importance of this project lies in presenting what can be benefited from in developing the environmental understanding and awareness of the Sudanese human being, as well as addressing and presenting the positives and negatives, the positives to disseminate and the negatives to avoid, which supports the environmental communication process through “lessons learned and best practices”.

The life and activity of the environmental figures is documented using modern means of sound and image in the form of a creative art that transcends the recognized stereotypes of traditional interviews and dialogues.




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