Promoting a participatory and democratic approach for development and sustainable peace in Sudan

  • Duration:

From 18th December, 2015 to 17th June, 2017

  • Name of Beneficiary(ies) and affiliated entity(ies) in the Action:
  • The Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS)
  • The Peace Studies and Development Center (PSDC); associate
  • Targeted Area:

North, West and South Kordofan states.

  • The area in which the activities took place:
  • Al Rahad locality – North Kordofan State.
  • Al salam locality – West Kordofan State.
  • Al Dalang locality – South Kordofan State.
  • Targeted groups:

Local authorities, community leaders, teachers, students, university lecturers, women CBOs, youth and media people.

  • Project summary:

The Project aims to contribute to the promotion of human rights through promoting the understanding of the local communities for their rights to a participatory sustainable development and environmental rights in three Localities in Sudan (Alfula – Al-rahad – Al-dalang). The project was implemented in 18 months targeting specific groups that included local authorities, community leaders, teachers, pupils, university lecturers and students, women CBOs, youth and media personnel.

This summary tries to reflect the project activities implemented during the period from the 18tht of December 2015 to the 171h of June 2017 as part of promoting a participatory and democratic approach for development and sustainable peace in Sudan, a project that was implemented by the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society in Alsalam, Al-rahad and Al-dalang Localities.

The project management team was recruited (Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, and part-time Accountant) in the first month of the activity. Later on, the other supporting staffs were recruited (focal point at each one of the three targeted Localities). In the preparatory phase, other activities were conducted, such the orientation meetings, meetings with the project partners and associates, namely the Peace Studies and development Center, the Ministry of  Information and Communication, the Localities, the Legislative Councils, the states’ Ministries of Agriculture, the states’ Ministries of Physical Planning and the Humanitarian Aid Commissions (HAC). 

Following the project design, an Advisory Committee (AC) was established with four members (two from SECS and two from the PSDC).  The AC monitored the project implementation and provided technical support whenever needed.

The project started by conducting community mobilization activities that included awareness campaigns and Public lectures on different environmental issues and environmental rights, other activities were also conducted, such as training workshops were conducted under two topics (environmental rights and legislations – administrative systems and strategic planning).  In addition, stakeholders’ orientation sessions were conducted, networking between the three Localities was initiated and environmental rights radio episodes were broadcasted in Al Fula and El Obeid radio stations. 

The project worked hard to promote the issue of environmental rights awareness using different types of activities, enhancing the capacities of the main actors at different levels through training, disseminating of information and knowledge related to environmental rights and peace.

Promoting a participatory and democratic approach is the right approach for inclusiveness and sustainable development and peace in Sudan. This project can be replicated in other Localities in Sudan; It has fostered the participation of various governmental institutions, voluntary organizations and other civil society organizations.  The approach used by the project in enhancing the capacities and networking with governmental institutions is another success story that can be emulated elsewhere.

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