Spreading Human and Environmental Rights Culture among Sudanese Communities

  • Duration:

From 1st January 2008 to 11th June 2009.

·       Name of partners in the Action:

Sudan National Discourse Forum (SNDF) & Social and Human Development Consultative Group (SADC) (associates)

  • Targeted Area:

The project targets 7 states in Sudan:

  • North Darfur State.
  • Bahr el- Ghazal.
  • River Nile.
  • South Kordofan.
  • Blue Nile.
    • The area in which the activities took place:
  • El Fashir.
  • Targeted groups:
    • Local authorities- localities & related governmental institutions.
    • Community leaders
    • Environmental activists.
    • Teachers of primary schools
    • School pupils
    • University lecturers & students.
    • Media people.



  • Project Summary:

The Project aims at spreading culture of human and environmental rights among Sudanese communities in 7 States of Sudan affected by conflicts & natural disasters. These 7 States has been chosen to represent different communities in Sudan and because the environmental rights situation has been affected by the war and other conflicts over the last ten years at least in these states.

The project was implemented during 18 months targeting specific groups that include local authorities, community leaders, teachers, pupils, university lecturers & students, activists on environmental rights and media people.

The project work hard to promote the issue of environmental and human rights that affecting Sudanese communities through the implementation of the main activities include increasing of environmental rights awareness using  different  types  of activities, Building capacities of main actors at different levels through training. Disseminating information and knowledge related to environmental rights through publications, and establishing focal points to monitor and assess violations against environmental rights.

  • Overall objective:

To spread human & environmental rights culture among Sudanese communities.

  • Specific objectives:
  • Raise public awareness of environmental rights.
  • Upgrade skills & capacities of the target groups on environmental rights.
  • Establish focal points in 7 States to monitor and report violations against environmental rights.
  • Enhance participation & networking among Sudanese civil society organizations to advocate environmental rights issues.

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